Wednesday, February 22, 2012


(the girls' room)
interpretation: "if you jump on the bed mom will whack you!"

(by the basement door)
interpretation: "there's lots of trees outside"

(Gracie's dresser)
interpretation: "too many clothes"

(the kitchen table)
interpretation: "dinner tonight was about 2 stars"

(the bathroom door)
interpretation: "I love the way mom decorated the bathroom"

(the arm of the couch)
interpretation: "this way to the toys"

interpretation: "i was starting to draw a star but then mom walked up"


  1. Time for somebody to start art classes? I have a friend who, when her kids started "wall art", decided to turn one whole wall of their family room into an art wall. The kids could draw anything they wanted to, with any media, as long as they promised NOT to draw on any other surfaces. It MIGHT work. :-) I LOVE the Brown family! (Aunt Pat)

  2. Wow! That is not nice looking stuff. I saw a TV tray table at my house today that Jacob had drawn on. He spent several minutes trying to scrub the pencil markings off of it...he didn't like that very much. So glad it's not as bad as your house! I hope it never gets that way either...but I do like your interpretations!